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Silicon Metal Production Capacity To Gradually Release The Leading Position In The Industry Has Been Consolidated

Weden Metal Co.,Limited | Updated: Jan 26, 2018

Metal silicon production capacity gradually released, the leading position in the industry has been consolidated. Hop Shing Silicon Industry is mainly engaged in industrial silicon and silicone silicon materials, such as new product development, production and sales. In recent years, the company actively layout, production capacity increased rapidly. The project of 130,000 tons of organic silicon plant has been completed in Luzhou base of the company and 100,000 tons of siloxane and downstream deep-processing project at Shanshan base are underway. At the same time, the Company's industrial silicon production capacity will increase from 200,000 tons in 2014 to nearly 400,000 tons in 2017, and the industrial silicon production capacity of 400,000 tons at Shansun Base will be gradually released in 2018, when the company's industrial silicon production capacity will reach 800,000 tons. The industry Leading position stable.

Benefit from the substantial rise in silicone prices, the company further expand the performance flexibility. Affected by the supply side reform of the government, the production of small and medium-sized silicones has been gradually reduced in recent years. With the recovery of downstream demand, the prices of silicones have risen sharply. According to Baichuan Information, the price of methylcyclosiloxane (DMC) increased from 18,000 yuan / ton in January 2017 to 29,000 yuan / ton in January 2018, an increase of 61.11%. In the same period, the price of industrial silicon, another major product of the Company, increased from RMB12,300 / tonne to RMB15,200 / tonne, or an increase of 23.58%. The volume and price of major products went up further, further expanding the Company's performance flexibility.

The formation of "coal - electricity - silicon" circular economy industrial cluster, comprehensive competitiveness continued to improve. Silicon Valley companies plow deep industry chain for many years, is the domestic silicon-based materials industry chain in the most complete enterprise. At the same time, the Company built 400,000 tons of industrial silicon production lines and 2 × 350MW cogeneration projects respectively in Shanshan, Xinjiang, forming a "coal-electricity-silicon" integrated recycling economy industrial cluster to ensure that the company has in the industry Unique industrial chain supporting the advantages and scale advantages, effective cost control, comprehensive competitiveness of the company to continue to improve.