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Silicon Metal Price Trend Is Still Rising

Weden Metal Co.,Limited | Updated: Feb 02, 2018

Since winter, metallurgical grade silicon metal market prices continue to rise, 441 # port price at 10800 yuan / ton, 3303 # tends to 11200-11300 yuan / ton up and down. The factory has a strong desire to stockpile goods, mainly because production is facing various difficulties.

Electricity prices in some areas were raised by an average of 5 cents. The electricity production cost per ton of products rose directly above 600 yuan. In late October, the freight rate was once again limited and the freight rate was on the rise. The rates of increase were all around 100 yuan, The supply of raw coal was hindered. The cost of silicon coal plants increased. The cost of purchasing silicon coal increased by about 200 yuan / ton, while the price of oil coke increased by 150 yuan / ton. Rough sum, in recent parts of silicon metal factory production costs rose 1,000 yuan / ton more than.

In November the operating rate of decline in nodes, many silicon metal factory has the intention to stockpile, coupled with the price of most other types of alloy products also rose rapidly, the industry is bullish on the market outlook, the recent price is expected to continue upward.