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‘One Belt And One Road’ Is A Silicon Metal Exposition For Yunnan's Foreign Trade

Weden Metal Co.,Limited | Updated: Feb 26, 2018

In early April 2017, Yunnan first passed the Central European Trains and exported metal silicon to Europe. This has aroused the concern of many people in the industry.

"It can be said that this marks the beginning of nonferrous metal products in Yunnan in the international market." Wu Jianlie responsible for transportation so that these 36 containers, the value of about 12 million yuan of silicon metal. He believes that the operation of China-EU trains will help Yunnan to better integrate with the advanced international markets and raise the possibility of Yunnan receiving more international orders. "What we hope even more is that after the export of raw materials, there are excellent quality semi-finished products and finished products exported."

"Silicon is inseparable from electrolysis. In general terms, selling silicon is selling electricity, which is just able to play Yunnan in hydropower and other clean energy advantages." In the provincial Academy of Social Sciences researcher Chen Tiejun Southeast Asia, Yunnan lithium, titanium , Manganese and other non-ferrous metals are rich in resources and should give full play to their advantages and actively expand to developed countries.