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December 2017 Change In Commodity Prices List

Weden Metal Co.,Limited | Updated: Jan 12, 2018

In December 2017, a total of 98 commodities rose in Central China's Central Asian cities. Of the total, 45 were in the Chemicals sector and 14 were in the Nonferrous segments. Commodities up more than 5% were mainly concentrated in the Chemicals segment; The top 3 commodities were coke (31.95%), cement (28.21%) and ferrosilicon (26.30%) respectively.

A total of 79 kinds of commodities dropped in the chain, focusing on the chemical industry (a total of 24 species) and textiles (a total of 10 species), a decrease of more than 5% of the commodities mainly concentrated in the energy sector; the top 3 commodities were heavy soda ash (-11.44 %), Light soda (-10.00%), rebar (distribution) (-9.94%).

This month both rose 1.66%.