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Magnesium ingot 7.5kg(±0.5), Mg purity: 99.90% Min Chemical composition (%) Mg 99.9% Al Mn Si Fe Cl Cu Ni other impurities 1. Si content ≤0.02% 2. Packing: 1-1.25mt per wooden or mg pallet, bundled with steel strip and wrapped by waterproof plastic bag. 3. Unit weight: 7.5kg±0.5 5kg±0.5 12kg±0.5 14kg±0.5 and so on, size and weight specification can meet buyer's requirements. 4. Application field: chemical industry, instrument industry, vehicle manufacturing, aerospace and military industry, magnesium alloy, mg-al alloy and work as some other alloys as reluctant and leavening agents.
Weden Metal has been specialized in marketing magnesium ingot for over 20 years, and we are now known as one of the leading China magnesium ingot suppliers. With the aid of wide experience and expertise, we warmly welcome you to buy or wholesale our quality magnesium ingot at competitive price. The customized orders are also welcome.