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Use of silicon

Weden Metal Co.,Limited | Updated: Apr 21, 2017

Silicon is used to smelting silicon ferroalloy as alloying elements in iron and steel industry, as reductant in many kinds of metal smelting. Silicon or aluminum alloy in a good group, the vast majority of cast aluminum alloy contains silicon. Silicon is the electronic industry ultra pure silicon raw material, ultra pure semiconductor monocrystalline silicon is made of small size, light weight, good reliability and long life and other advantages. High power transistors, rectifiers and solar cells made of silicon crystals doped with specific trace impurities are better than germanium crystals. Amorphous silicon solar cell research progress quickly, the conversion rate reached more than 8% percent. Silicon molybdenum rod heating components with the highest temperature up to 1700 ℃, with resistance to aging and good oxidation resistance. Silicon chloride produced by silicon can be prepared with hundreds of kinds of silicone lubricants and waterproof compounds. In addition, silicon carbide can be abrasive, high-purity silicon oxide production of quartz tubes are high-purity metal smelting and lighting important materials. 80, the paper-silicon is called "the 80-generation paper". This is because the paper can only record information, and silicon not only can document information, but also processing information to obtain new information. 1945, the world's first electronic computer, equipped with 18,000 electron tubes, 70,000 resistors, 10,000 capacitors, the whole machine weighs 30 tons, occupies 170 square meters, equivalent to 10 house size. And today's electronic computer, due to the technological progress and the improvement of material, in a fingernails size of silicon wafer, can accommodate tens of thousands of transistors, and has input, output, operation, storage and control information and a series of functions. Microporous silicon calcium Insulation materials microporous silica thermal insulation material is a good insulation material. It has a small thermal capacity, high mechanical strength, low thermal conductivity, non-combustion, non-toxic tasteless, cutting, convenient transportation and other characteristics, can be widely used in metallurgy, power, chemical, ships and other thermal equipment and pipelines. After testing, energy-saving benefits are better than asbestos, cement, vermiculite and cement perlite and other insulation materials. Special silicon calcium materials can be used as catalyst carriers, in petroleum refining, automotive exhaust purification and so on a wide range of applications.