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The use of silicon metal

Weden Metal Co.,Limited | Updated: Jan 10, 2018

① high purity silicon is an important semiconductor material. In monocrystalline silicon doped with a small amount of Group IIIA elements to form a p-type silicon semiconductor; incorporation of a trace amount of Group VA elements to form n-type and p-type semiconductor together, can be made of solar cells, the radiant energy Into electricity. In the development of energy is a promising material.

② metal ceramics, spacecraft important material. The ceramic and metal mixed sintering, made of cermet composite material, its high temperature, high toughness, can be cut, both inherited the respective advantages of metal and ceramic, but also make up for the two birth defects.

Can be used in the manufacture of military weapons. The first space shuttle, Columbia, is able to withstand the heat generated by friction during high-speed, heavy-duty air travel, thanks to its 31,000-piece silicon-encased enclosure.

③ optical fiber communications, the latest means of modern communications. With pure silica drawn high transparency of glass fiber, the laser in the glass fiber path, numerous total reflection forward, instead of bulky cables. Fiber communication capacity is high, a hair fiber so fine fiberglass, can transmit 256 calls at the same time, it is not subject to electricity, magnetic interference, not afraid of eavesdropping, with a high degree of confidentiality. Fiber-optic communications will revolutionize the lives of people in the 21st century.

④ excellent performance of organic silicon compounds. For example, silicone plastic is an excellent waterproof coating material. Silicones are sprayed on the four walls of the metro, solving the seepage problem once and for all. In the ancient relics, sculpture appearance, coated with a thin layer of silicone plastic, to prevent the growth of moss, to resist wind and rain and weathering. The Monument to the People's Heroes on Tiananmen Square is treated with a silicone plastic, so it will always be white and fresh.

Silicone rubber has good insulation reorganization, long-term does not crack, aging, no toxicity, but also can be used as medical polymer materials.