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The silicon stone in the furnace requires certain granularity

Weden Metal Co.,Limited | Updated: Apr 21, 2017

The silicon stone into the furnace requires certain granularity. The granularity of silicon stones is an important process factor in smelting. The suitable granularity of silica is influenced by various factors such as silicon stone type, electric stove, capacity, operation condition and the type and granularity of reducing agent, to be determined according to the specific smelting conditions. In general, the 6300KVA three-phase electric Furnace (1983 DAWU Silicon Factory completed), the requirements of silica particle size in the 8-100mm,3200KVA three-phase electric furnace, the requirements of silicon stone granularity is 8-80mm, and the proportion of intermediate granularity is larger. Grain through the large, due to not and the ramming furnace viscosity and reaction speed adaptation, easy to make the non-reactive silicon into liquid silicon, resulting in the increase in slag, the difficulties in the recovery of silicon, energy consumption, and even cause the bottom of the furnace to rise, affecting normal production. Particles through small, although can increase the contact surface of the reducer, conducive to the recovery reaction, but the reaction process of the production of gases can not be discharged smoothly, but also slows down the reaction speed. The grains spend the hour. The impurities will increase, affecting product quality. Generally less than 5mm of production of silicon stones should not be used.