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The purpose of the silicon metal

Weden Metal Co.,Limited | Updated: Feb 05, 2018

silicon used for smelting ferrosilicon alloy as alloying elements in steel industry, as a reducing agent in many kinds of metal smelting. Silicon or aluminum alloy good group in yuan, the vast majority of casting aluminium alloy containing silicon. Silicon is a raw material for electronic industry ultrapure silicon ultra pure monocrystalline silicon semiconductor electron device has small volume, light weight, good reliability and long service life, etc. Mixed with a certain number of trace impurities of high-power transistor, rectifier and solar cells, and is better than made of single crystal germanium. Amorphous silicon solar cell research progress quickly, conversion rate reached more than 8%. Silicon molybdenum rods highest use electric heating element temperature can reach 1700 ºC, has good resistance to aging and oxidation resistance. Chemical hydrogen silicon with silicon production, can make hundreds of silicone lubricants and waterproofing compound, etc. In addition, silicon carbide