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Smelting process of silicon in chemical industry

Weden Metal Co.,Limited | Updated: Apr 21, 2017

The process of chemical silicon comprises the preparation of the charge, the smelting of the electric stove, the refining and casting of silicon, and the crushing of slag inclusion. Before the burden is prepared, all raw materials should be treated as necessary. Silicon stone in the jaw crusher crushing to block degrees less than 100mm, sieve out of smaller than 5mm fragments, and rinse with water and clean. Because the furnace is melted in the upper part of the furnace, the air permeability of the burden is lowered, making the production process difficult. Petroleum Coke has a high conductivity coefficient, to break to the block degree not to 10mm, but also to control the amount of oil coke powder. Because of its direct combustion in the hearth, the reduction agent is insufficient.

In the production of chemical silicon, bituminous coal can be completely replaced by charcoal, such as Hunan Zhuzhou refined bituminous coal, fixed carbon up to 77.19%, volatile into 19.4%, ash content 3.41%,Fe2O3 content 0.22%,Al2O3 content 0.99%,CaO content 0.17%. By production practice, it is feasible to use silicon in smelting chemical using this kind of bituminous coal.

Wood and wood chips used for the production of chemical silicon are machined with cutting machines and chips. The main carbon reduction agent in charge is mainly petroleum coke and bituminous coal, the amount of wood and wood is determined by the furnace condition. In production without wood, but product quality is more stable. The proportioning of the burden is determined according to the product level produced by the requirement. The ratio of petroleum coke and bituminous coal is determined by the amount of carbon required for each batch of silicon. The proportion of petroleum coke and bituminous coal has great influence on the work resistance of the burden.