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Smelting process of silicon

Weden Metal Co.,Limited | Updated: Apr 21, 2017

Metal silicon smelting belongs to high energy consumption production, and the production of metal silicon has long been in China, with the tightening of national energy policy and the development of energy saving and emission reduction. As well as the promotion of new energy, metal silicon smelting has become a primary product and process, many domestic emerging energy enterprises to build metal silicon, polysilicon, monocrystalline silicon, solar cells, such as a series of recycling industry chain, the future years will inevitably affect the whole energy field of our development and new energy applications.

Silicon oxide minerals smelting metal silicon process is no slag process, chemical silicon smelting to the selection of the more stringent silicon stone, not only the content of impurities are less, but also require high mechanical strength, sufficient thermal stability, appropriate granularity composition. Silicon is preferably used in chemical smelting. The natural morphology of silicon oxide is either the presence of independent quartz minerals, or a rock-silica, or silica-form sandstone, which is almost entirely produced by silicon oxide. The production of silica in the chemical containing the minerals of the impurities and adhesion, in the melting process, some are completely restored, some are restored, some of the compounds into the product of silicon or the formation of slag. This not only increases energy consumption, reduces product quality, but also makes the smelting process difficult. Therefore, the chemical compositions of silica-containing minerals used in chemical silicon smelting are strictly required. Requirements SiO2 is greater than 99%,Fe2O3 less than 0.15%,Al2O3 is less than 0.2%,CaO not greater than 0.1%, the sum of impurities is not greater than 0.6%. The silica used in smelting must be washed before the surface clean.