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Si Metal Industrial Grade 99.5%

Weden Metal Co.,Limited | Updated: Mar 08, 2018

Basic Info

Silicon Metal Description

  • Model NO.: 553#, 551#, 441#, 421#, 3303#, 2502#, 2202#

  • Feature: Long Time Materials

  • Shape: Powder

  • Origin: China

  • Type: Refractory Material

  • Material: Lump

  • Color: Silver Grey or Dark Grey

  • Specification: 10 -100 mm

Silicon Metal Description

   Silicon Metal is processed by excellent industrial silicon and including full varieties. Used in electro, metallurgy and chemical industry.

    It is silver gray or dark gray with metallic luster, which be of high melting point, good heat resistance, high resistivity and superior oxidation resistance, it's called "industrial glutamate", which is an essential basic raw material in hi-tech industry.

    Silicon metal is important to the electronic industry, as it is the base material used in the manufacture of high purity polycrystalline silicon. These products are used in the manufacture of semiconductors, microchips for computers and solar cells used to capture electrical energy from the sun.

Usage of Metal Silicon:

1、As an alloying element for aluminium alloys for casting and extrusions; 

2、As the basic raw material for silicons produced by the chemical industry. 

3、As an alloy element in smelting ferro silicon in the steel industry, and as a reducing agent in many kinds of metal       smelting.  

4、Widely applied to refractory material and power metallurgy industry to improve the heat resistance, wear resistance and     oxidation resistance.

5、In the chemical line of organic silicon, industrial silicon powder is basic raw material that high polymer of organic       silicon formatting.

6、Industrial silicon powder is sublimated into monocrystalline silicon, which is widely used in highttech field as an       essential raw material for integrated circuit and electronic element. 

7、In metallurgy and foundry line, industrial silicon powder is regarded as to be iron base alloy additive, the alloy pharmaceutical of silicon steel, thus improve the steel hardenability.