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Silicon Metal 553,441,3303 What is the difference between the various models?

Weden Metal Co.,Limited | Updated: Jan 31, 2018

Silicon Metal, also known as crystalline silicon or industrial silicon, its main use is as a non-ferrous alloy additives. Silicon is a non-metallic element, gray, metallic, hard and brittle. Silicon content of about 26% of the crust mass; atomic weight of 28.80; density of 2.33g / m3; melting point of 1410 ° C; boiling point of 2355 ° C; resistivity of 2140Ω.m.

Silicon Metal grades: In accordance with the metal silicon iron, aluminum, calcium content, can be divided into metal silicon 553,441,411,421,3303,3305,2202,2502,1501,1101 different grades.

Additional products of silicon metal: including silicon powder, edge of silicon, black silicon, metal silicon residue. One of the silicon powder, also known as silicon powder, silica fume or silica fume, it is widely used in refractory and concrete industries.

The use of metal silicon: Metal silicon (Si) is an industrial pure elemental silicon, mainly for the production of silicones, made of high purity semiconductor materials and formulated with special purpose alloys.