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Silicon-calcium alloy smelting method 1

Weden Metal Co.,Limited | Updated: Jan 22, 2018

Silicon-calcium alloy is made of carbonaceous reducing agent, reducing silica and calcium oxide in the reduction furnace.

One-step method is to weigh well and mixed lime, silica, carbonaceous reductant together into the electric furnace, using the appropriate process operation, refining calcium-silicon alloy. One-step production of calcium-silicon alloy, there are two domestic feeding methods, one is mixed feeding method, one is layered feeding method.

1, mixed feeding method

The operation of the mixed feeding method is similar to the operation of producing 75% ferrosilicon with a small electric furnace, but not all of the calcium-silicon alloy charging materials are mixed into the furnace, but some of them are fed into the furnace in the partial feeding mode with 1/4 -1/3 of the silica is added separately after the collapse of the electrode around the electrode, the wood is also a separate addition, the rest of the silica and lime, coke, bituminous coal after mixing into the furnace.

2, layered feeding method

Layered feeding method is the lime and the corresponding amount of coke (according to the production of low-grade calcium carbide required coke) after mixing concentrated into the furnace, to be cleared, the silica and the remaining reductant after mixing. 

Two-step production of calcium-silicon alloy, first in an electric furnace to CaO> 85% of high-quality lime and carbonaceous reductant to obtain CaC2, and then the cooling of the CaC2 broken, then with silica and carbonaceous reductant, In another electric furnace production of calcium-silicon alloy. Two-step production of calcium-silicon alloy equipment required for the operation and conditions, basically the same production of ferrosilicon.

Although this method can achieve a longer furnace and higher product grade rate, but requires two electric furnace, high power consumption, high operating requirements, difficult to control the process, the moisture in raw materials demanding, and therefore only in the degree of automation High, good management conditions, mechanized feeding, silo sealed good electric furnace.