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Silicon-aluminum alloy

Weden Metal Co.,Limited | Updated: Jan 15, 2018

Silicon-aluminum alloy is the largest amount of silicon alloy. Silicon aluminum alloy is a strong compound deoxidizer, instead of pure aluminum in the steelmaking process can improve the utilization of deoxidizer, and can purify the molten steel to improve the quality of steel. Silicon-aluminum alloy with small density, low coefficient of thermal expansion, good casting performance and anti-wear performance, with its cast alloy castings with high impact resistance and high pressure densification, can greatly enhance the service life, commonly used in the production of spacecraft And auto parts.

     Silicon copper alloy has good welding performance, and not easy to produce sparks in the impact, with explosion-proof function, can be used for making storage tanks.

     Silicon steel made of silicon steel, can greatly improve the permeability of steel, reducing hysteresis and eddy current losses, can be used to make the transformer and the motor core, improve the performance of transformers and motors.