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Metal Silicon

Weden Metal Co.,Limited | Updated: Apr 21, 2017

Metallic silicon is also known as crystalline silicon or industrial silicon, its main use is as an additive of non-ferrous alloys. Metal silicon is made from quartz and coke in the electric furnace smelting products, the main components of silicon content in 98%% (in recent years, including Si 99.99% in the metal is also included in silicon), the rest of the impurities for iron, aluminum, calcium and so on.

Name: Metal Silicon

Chinese alias: crystalline silicon; silicon, silicon powder; silicon wafer; silicon; silicon

Name: Silicon

English alias: silicon coating quality balzers; Silicium; Silicon, containing by weight not less than 99.99% of silicon; SiliconpowderNmesh; Silicon Monocrystalline; SiliconchipsNmm; SILICONRANDOMPIECESNCM; Silicon wafer orientation P-doped;

Silicon wafer orientation; Silicon powder; Siliconwaferorientation;

Siliconwafer; Silicon (low oxygen); Silicon (3 oxygen levels); Silicon chips (99.9999%); Silicon random pieces (99.5%); Silicon Solution 1000 ppm



Molecular formula: SI

Molecular Weight: 28.0855

HS CODE:2804.6900

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