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Closed ARC operation

Weden Metal Co.,Limited | Updated: Apr 21, 2017

Closed-arc operation is the electrode properly buried into the burden, with a half melting charge for the resistance antibody, electrode and melting furnace charge between the arc. To do a closed-arc operation, the feeding method must be considered first. The feeding method has a feeding method, a partial feeding method and a multiple feeding method. In addition to the single feeding method is the arc operation, the other methods can be closed-arc operation. In the production of chemical silicon, we adopt the divided feeding method, the material layer structure is stable, the electricity consumption is low, the stove is long. Several issues are handled in the operation: one is to choose the suitable electrical parameters, so that the electrode can be properly inserted into the material layer; the second is to find a way to control the burden of the charge ratio resistance; Thirdly, the grain size of the furnace has an important influence on the smelting of silicon, and it is disadvantageous to the furnace condition. The advantages of closed-arc operation are: ① the furnace material layer structure can form a complete system, the charge in turn sank; ② arc not exposed, the material surface of radiation heat loss greatly reduced, to maintain the blast furnace temperature, improve the thermal efficiency, thereby increasing production, improve product quality and reduce power consumption. ③ can make the electrode consumption to achieve balance and stability, avoid the occurrence of missed accident. The temperature of the material surface is relatively low, so that the equipment on the surface of the heat corrosion is lighter, prolong the life of the equipment and improve the utilization of the electric stove equipment. ⑤ dust is less, can make the stove surface operation has a better operating environment. No matter the size of the stove, as long as the appropriate measures to take, can do close-arc operation, to obtain the ideal production effect.