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Chemical Grade and Industrial Grade Silicon Metal

Weden Metal Co.,Limited | Updated: Feb 07, 2018

Silicon metal is produced by the reduction of silica, it is also called industrial silicon, crystalline silicon, is a new product for nearly half a century. Mainly exported to Japan, the United States, Europe, Australia, India, South Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada, Mexico, Argentina and other countries and regions. Due to the high power consumption of smelting metal silicon, the market price of metal silicon is correspondingly higher. Metal silicon is the main impurities of iron, aluminum, calcium, to be strictly controlled in the production. At present, the control of iron and aluminum are mainly taken before the test of silica and charcoal. Iron, aluminum content of high silica can not be used. Charcoal to be used after rigorous selection (many factories before feeding silica, charcoal after washing with water). The main control of calcium through chlorine or oxygen exclusion. Oxygen can also eliminate iron and aluminum to some extent. For the electronic, chemical silicon metal on chromium, bismuth, lead, manganese, titanium, phosphorus, copper, carbon also have requirements. Silicon is semiconducting. 

Crystalline silicon with a metallic luster, the appearance of bright gray. Very stable at room temperature, only very lively fluorine can be directly synthesized with its silicon tetrafluoride. Silicon generated at high temperatures can also be converted into silicon carbide by direct carbonation with excess carbon. Smelting aluminum alloy by adding a small amount of 98% purity silicon metal, can greatly improve the performance of aluminum. The purity of 98 ~ 99% of the silicon metal can be used to produce trichlorosilane intermediate products, preparation of hundreds of silicone lubricants and waterproof compounds. Silicon metal is also the raw material for ultrapure silicon in the electronics industry, used to produce monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon, the basis for large format integrated circuits and for the production of optical fibers. As a high-quality semiconductor material, high-purity monocrystalline silicon can produce highly efficient solar cells.