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Calcium silicon

Weden Metal Co.,Limited | Updated: Jan 03, 2018


Calcium silicon is the alloy of calcium 22 ~ 35%, silicon 60 ~ 65%, iron <6% . YB 525-65 provides calcium content of not less than 31%, 28% and 24% respectively. Mainly used as inoculant of cast iron. Silicon-calcium alloy has a strong reducing ability and is also used as a deoxidizer for high-quality steel. Due to the large activity of calcium in the steelmaking temperature, the effect is not easy to stabilize, it is appropriate to add some kind of slowing agent.

As a steel deoxidizer, a silicon-calcium-barium alloy, a silicon-calcium-barium-aluminum alloy, or a silicon-calcium-manganese alloy is often used.

Calcium Silicon alloy

Calcium-Silicon alloy is mainly used in steelmaking and cast iron production.

Calcium and silicon and oxygen affinity are great, and the deoxidation products are easy to float, easy to discharge, so the use of calcium and silicon alloy deoxidation of the liquid relatively pure, in the refining of high quality steel and special alloys, calcium-silicon alloy commonly used as deoxidizer.

Calcium and sulfur in calcium-silicon alloy to form a stable compound CaS, and CaS insoluble in the molten steel, therefore, calcium and silicon alloy deoxidation, there are desulfurization.

In cast iron production, calcium silicate is more effective than ferrosilicon to improve cast iron performance. Calcium silicate is not only an effective inoculant to promote the formation of spherical graphite, but also play a deoxy, desulfurization, denitrification and silicon addition.


Calcium silicon and oxygen have a strong affinity. Especially calcium, not only has a strong affinity with oxygen, but also with sulfur, nitrogen has a strong affinity. Therefore, calcium-silicon alloy is a more ideal composite deoxidizer, desulfurizer. Silicon alloys not only deoxidation ability, deoxidation products easy to float, easy to discharge, but also improve the performance of steel and improve the plasticity of steel, impact toughness and fluidity. Silicon-calcium alloys can be used in place of aluminum for final deoxygenation. Used in high quality steel. Special steel and special alloy production. For example, steel, low carbon steel, stainless steel and other steel and nickel-based alloys, titanium-based alloys and other special alloys, calcium-silicon alloy can be used as deoxidizer. Silicon-calcium alloys are also suitable as a warming agent for converter steelmaking workshops. Silicon-calcium alloys can also be used as inoculants for cast iron and additives in the production of ductile iron.