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  • Metallurgical Silicon Metal 553 Grade

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    Metallurgical Silicon Metal 553 Grade

    When Metallurgical Silicon Metal 553 is added to certain non-ferrous metals, it can increase the strength, hardness and wear resistance of the base metal and sometimes enhance the castability and weldability of the base. Silicon is widely used in aluminum industry.Read More

  • Alloy Silicon Metal Grade 441 for Metallurgy and Aluminum Ingot

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    Alloy Silicon Metal Grade 441 for Metallurgy and Aluminum Ingot

    alloy silicon metal grade 441 for Metallurgy and aluminum ingot The main grades our products cover: Characteristics Silicon metal is also called industrial or crystalline silicon.It is dark gray.Its characteristics are high melting point,good heat-resisting,high resistivity anti-oxidation....Read More

  • Metallurgical Grade Si Metals

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    Metallurgical Grade Si Metals

    Metallurgical Grade Si Metal is produced by the carbothermic reduction of silica (presented as either quartz or quartzite) in electric furnaces.It is silver gray or dark gray with metallic luster. It has high melting point, heat resistance, high resistivity and good resistance to oxidation.Read More

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