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Silicon Metal From Factory for Metallurgy Industry

Weden Metal Co.,Limited | Updated: Mar 15, 2018

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Silicon Metal is made from quartz and coke in electric furnace. The content of silicon is about 98% (including 99.99% of Si and silicon metal). The other impurities are iron, aluminum and calcium. Semiconductor silicon is used to produce high purity metal silicon in semiconductor devices.

1)widely used in smelting ferrosilicon alloy as the alloy element in the iron and steel industry, and is used as a reducing agent in many kinds of metal smelting.

2) in the chemical line of organic silicon, industrial silicon powder is basic raw material that high polymer of organic silicon formatting. 
3) industrial silicon powder is sublimated into monocrystalline silicon, which is widely used in highttech field as an essential raw material for integrated circuit and electronic element.  
4) in metallurgy and foundry line, industrial silicon powder is regarded as to be iron base alloy additive, the alloy pharmaceutical of silicon steel, thus improve the steel hardenability.  
5) these are used in high-temperature material production in order to manufacture enamels and pottery. these also cater the demands of semiconductor industry by producing ultra-pure silicon wafers.